Free Warehouse Space - Plainfield, IL 60544

We have Free Warehouse Space in Plainfield, IL 60544.  

In exchange for the space we want your Logistics Solutions / Fulfillment Services business.  We offer custom solutions at super-affordable prices for services including receiving, warehousing, inventory control, picking, packing, shipping, returns processing and customer service.  We also offer procurement, kitting, assembly, packaging and much more.  This allows merchants and manufacturers to accomplish more, grow their businesses and increase profits.

We provide these solutions and services to businesses in an array of industries and sectors - including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive and state government.  We are an excellent source for drop-ship companies.  

Pricing: We offer a few different pricing models.  Our most popular is to offer FREE warehousing and select services, and to only charge a fixed fee with every shipping label created (each shipment).  This fee structure ensures that you (the merchant or manufacturer) are paid by your customers before you pay us.  This model is a great value when you consider how much warehousing and each service could cost, along with rising workers comp and liability insurance fees.

Value Proposition: The #1 reason customers abandon their shopping carts is if fast, affordable deliveries are not available to them.  We can provide the logistics services necessary to attract customers and “be known for fast, affordable deliveries”.

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