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Empire Glassworks Chocolate Cookie Sundae Float Mini Rig

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Limited Sale - The Empire Glassworks Chocolate Cookie Sundae Float Bong is made entirely of thick, borosilicate glass and measures approximately 9” inches tall. The vanilla ice-cream infused with dripping chocolate fudge, chocolate chips, and chocolate Oreo-style cookie on top are each individually handmade and surprisingly realistic. The body itself is sculpted to expertly replicate an old-school ice cream soda glass, complete with a sturdy 3” inch diameter flared base made from clear glass that adds a classy finishing touch to this already amazing creation.

The reinforced 14mm female joint safely transports your smoke from the included 14mm bowl piece where it’s filtered through water by way of the diffuser downstem. This 14mm male bowl slide is equipped with a large opal marble that provides an ergonomic grip while in use and is highlighted by a dichroic Empire Glassworks flame decal on the inside.

Borosilicate Glass
German-Schott Tubing
Reinforced Stemless Arm

Height: 7.0" Base Diameter: 2.6" Weight: 218.22 Grams

Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.


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